Thursday, February 16, 2012

Truck Fanatic

Our little guy is completely obsessed with trucks.

This is not a hobby that we influenced in any way (I’m extremely girly and my husband is more into cars than trucks) but a passion that Ryan discovered on his own.  It started with him somehow learning the word “truck” and applying it to everything with wheels.  Each day, I would hear excited shrieks coming from the back of the car whenever Ryan noticed another vehicle on the road.  Then, he began wanting to hold/play with/sit on/drive any type of truck that he could find.

Interested in playing dress-up with mommy?  Nope.  Just looking for more trucks.

Now it has gotten to the point that if Ryan is completely focused on trucks all the time, wherever we go, and whatever we are doing.  His little dreams probably consist of nothing but trucks.  Ryan can spot a truck from a mile away, whether it be a tiny symbol on a milk carton or a toy tucked into the back corner of an aisle.  His favorite puzzle is this new truck one (thanks, Emi!) and he picked out this truck shirt for himself at the store just yesterday:

As soon as Ryan spotted the shirt, his little finger started pointing and his whole body was shaking with excitement.  When I let him hold it, Ryan gripped the shirt tightly as if he was guarding it with his life.  He had a huge smile on his face the rest of the time, until it was time to go and I tried to pry it out of his hands.  I never imagined that my one year old would be begging me for a shirt, of all things.

Ryan and I had a lunch date together on Valentine's Day, and of course, his mind was on trucks.  (He is also at that stage where everything is "no".)  We still managed to enjoy our date, and we even learned how to blow kisses!

I sure do love this sweet little boy! <3


  1. I love his cute little no's! Even though I bet they will get old shortly ha ha ha. And he is his mom's son if he is already asking for clothing for presents :)

  2. @Karen- His little no's ARE really cute! But I'm sure that you are right and in a few months, they will be driving me crazy. I can only hope that he becomes interested in clothes/shopping... but I have a feeling that it was just the truck that he cares about! =)

  3. OMG he is soooo cute. I love the video:) What a cute valentine's day date you had;)


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