Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Fun With a Toddler

Ryan had a blast at the Easter Egg hunt at church, especially after he discovered that he likes chocolate candy. He wasn't a fan of candy last Halloween, but I guess now, at two and a half years old, all of that has changed. I have noticed that Ryan tends to dislike most things the first time he tries them, but then goes on to enjoy them several months later.

After finding a gazillion plastic eggs and trying to squeeze them in to his tiny basket, Ryan surprised me by actually wanting his face painted this year. He sat perfectly still for a full seven minutes to get it done and even let me take a bunch of pictures of him afterwards. (I may or may not have bribed him with Hershey eggs and milk chocolate bunnies.)  

He then enjoyed sitting in the grass, exploring his loot, and hugging his friend, P. They are so sweet together.

I should have been prepared for the extreme hyperness that persisted throughout the rest of the afternoon. Out of control. Thank goodness that he only gets candy twice a year!


Ryan was very eager to open his basket early yesterday morning. He was so excited that he couldn't even look at the camera long enough to pose for a picture with mommy. Oh well, what did I honestly expect?  

The Easter bunny had recycled Ryan's blue bunny from last year and also a Winnie the Pooh bear that I got in my Easter basket when I was that age. He splurged a whole $3 on a Cars (Mater and Lightning McQueen) plate and $1 on a Cars book that Ryan had seen at Michael's last week. Any chocolate in Ryan's basket was left over from the Easter Egg hunt. That Easter bunny sure knows how to be resourceful!  ;-)

After church and lunch, Ryan and I spent most of the afternoon playing the letter matching game. The activity held his attention for a lot longer than I expected, but I think that his favorite part was "messing up" the eggs after all of the letters had been matched.  

Although it feels like we moved into our new place forever ago, we STILL haven't finished unpacking our boxes (despite working on it every day) and we have not yet received our bedroom furniture. I can not wait until the day that we can finally return to a sense of normalcy. We miss everyone and want to go out and see our friends again. It doesn't help that the next few weeks will be consumed with working on my very last grad school assignment of my very last grad school class. At least, that will all be over and I will graduate very soon!


I'm sure that everyone has heard of Instagram by now, but I also wanted to share another app that I have recently started playing with, called Pic Stitch. My favorite thing that this app does is create a collage of pictures in a matter of seconds. (Whereas, it would take several minutes to do this on the computer). You can group anywhere between 2 and 16 pictures together. Then, when you share an event with family and friends, they don't have to click through gobs of pictures to get the main idea.

I think that some of the editing effects are an interesting change from the ones on Instagram. I especially like "Boardwalk", "Metropolis", and "Juice". Are there any other fun photo apps out there?  

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