Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Simple Yet Wonderful Weekend

We started the weekend out with a playdate with Ryan's friend, P.  The babies did a project with homemade edible fingerpaint while us mommies stood by and "encouraged" them.  The great thing is that even the littlest babies can use this paint, since it is non-toxic, made with only corn starch, water, and food coloring.  Ryan kept putting it in his mouth, and was uncertain about what else to do, but P had a good time!  She is 15 months old and always seems to be in a happy/fun mood.  They are so cute together and I think that Ryan really looks up to her.

I noticed that when this fingerpaint dries, it breaks apart into small pieces that start to come off the paper.  I'm not really sure why, or what that is actually called. (See picture below).  I originally planned on peeling off the felt letters (with the babies' names/ages) afterwards to reveal the white space underneath.  But it turns out that the paint has caked over the letters, making them impossible to unstick without ripping the paper.  It is interesting how craft projects don't always turn out how you first envision them, especially when babies are involved!

Ryan recently got a front-facing "big boy" stroller.  I love the bright, happy color of this new Peg Perego.  Up until last week, we were still using Ryan's carseat attached to the Graco stroller frame.

I have to admit that when we first brought the new stroller home, I was a little uncertain about it.  The Peg Perego strollers have something called a "freedom of movement" five point harness that allows the child to sit more comfortably in whatever position he/she wants.  When I saw how the shoulder straps come unattached to the back of the stroller, I was concerned that my active 10-month-old would be able to get himself out of it.

But after taking Ryan out for a long walk around the mall, I realize how much he really enjoys being in this stroller. The straps do keep him safely inside, and he can choose whether he wants to sit forward and drink his sippy cup, turn around to watch things, or lay back and rest.

Some positives about this stroller: it's lightweight enough for me to lift into the trunk by myself, easy to fold up with one hand, has a parent cup holder, baby tray, and a large space in the bottom to fit a diaper bag.  A few negatives: it is hard to push/turn when the baby is sitting all the way forward, there is no convenient place to put my keys, baby can reach out of the stroller to grab things easier than he could in a more restricting stroller.

Later this weekend, I got a chance to see my best girlfriends.  Since J is visiting from Ohio, we decided to get together for some girl time (which included eating cheesecake and celebrating J's birthday). Also, congrats to E for finishing grad school and best of luck to J and K, who will soon be applying for their residency and internship for next year. They are all such beautiful, intelligent ladies!


  1. These pictures are adorable and I love your new stroller. It is so bright and happy and Ryan looks so happy in it! It was wonderful to see you and I can't wait to do so again soon :)

  2. Aww super cute the baby date is definitely super sweet. I've never really taken my son on a play date since most my friends children are much younger than Ryu, but I'm hoping that I can definitely take him soon.

    The stroller is awesome. I should've definitely invested in a durable stroller when my son was younger. I think that I would definitely had a much easier time pushing my son around and I think he would've been much more comfortable while strolling around. Your son definitely looks super duper happy !

  3. Aw, I love the pics of them finger painting! So cute. And that's exciting about the stroller! I am so glad you are learning all about what works and what doesn't so I can pick your brain in... a few years, hehe;).

    It was so great to see everyone, and I am excited to see you all again soon!:)

  4. @ Karen & Erin- Thanks! I had such a great time seeing you girls this weekend too! Can't wait for our next girls night too! <3

    @ Dirt On The Rocks- Thank you! Ryan hasn't really been on a lot of playdates yet either, but I'm hoping to enroll him in a My Gym class this fall so that he can meet some more babies.


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