Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I have always wanted to learn how to cook, but never really knew where to begin.  I feel awkward in the kitchen… cooking is like some science experiment that I never quite get right.  I never liked science.  I’ll usually make some small mistake in the beginning that will set everything else off, and it will turn into a disaster.  Until my husband comes in and “rescues” me from the mess I’ve just made.  People have told me that its best to start out learning with the easiest form of cooking: baking.  Okay, so the truth is that I’ve never even baked cupcakes (from a box) by myself before.  So this Easter, I decided to give it a try: funfetti cupcakes with vanilla icing.  The most basic you can get.  Of course, it turned into something complicated for me, because when the ingredients said “oil,” I didn’t know what kind of oil… vegetable oil, olive oil, etc.  But anyways, I was so proud of myself when they were finished and they tasted good.  I stuck in little Easter eggs, bunnies, and chicks on a toothpick.  Next time, I will try to bake something a little more difficult… just taking it one step at a time.

Ryan celebrated his very first Easter with us today!  He seemed curious and excited about his Easter basket.  Since Ryan is too young for candy, he just had a good time pulling at the ribbon and touching the plastic eggs (trying to put each and every one in his mouth, of course).  Some of the eggs had coins inside that we helped him put into his piggy bank.  We said,  “Ryan, this is your money. When you are a little older, you can decide whether to save it (like daddy), or spend it (like mommy)." hahaha!  (I’m really not that bad… I just end up being the target of all jokes involving shopping, for some reason!)  Overall, we had a lot of fun today and I think that Ryan did too!

We had a few guests visiting us this weekend.  Aunt A and Uncle S came down from Connecticut. They hadn’t seen Ryan since he was two weeks old… what a difference seven months makes!

Also, K stopped by and we took Ryan, Lucky, and Lily on a walk outside because the weather was just BEAUTIFUL!  We had a long girl chat (as usual!) and Ryan eventually fell asleep. =)

This gorgeous weekend reminds me of how God provides for us when we need it most, including His sacrifice for our sins and the true meaning of Easter.  As I go through all of the tests, procedures, and my last chemo treatment this Friday, I know that He will give me the strength that I need.  No matter how bad it gets, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and pretty soon this will all be a distant memory.  I can't wait to move forward with a long, healthy life ahead of me!


  1. Looks like Ryan had a nice Easter! I miss you all so much!

  2. I know I've said it 100 times, but you have the cutest family!!! I love your Easter photos! Congrats on the cupcakes!! They look yummy! That was a good thing to start out with!:) You'll be a pro before you know it;).

  3. I love the pictures - SOOOOO cute!!! You'll have to send me lots of pictures one of these days since I love them all. I had so much fun catching up with you <3


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