Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love My Husband!

Ryan’s shirt says “My Dad is: Awesome, Fun, The Best!”
We had fun taking some pictures today. Doesn’t he look so much like Barry? I think so! I love it! =)

Reasons Why Daddy is the Best:
Ryan practicing his tummy time!
10. he is good at helping Ryan fall asleep
9. he treats mommy like a princess
8. he is a great cook AND he likes to clean!
7. he takes care of mommy when she is sick
6. he is hard working and motivated to succeed in life
5. he treats us with patience and respect
4. he doesn’t care what other people think
3. he has many talents, but is humble and down-to-earth
2. he can always make us smile and laugh
1. he loves mommy and Ryan more than anything!

Olive, thank you for being so amazing and perfect! We love you so much!! xoxo!

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  1. Hey, Dana! I love your blog! It's great to hear how you are doing, what you are thinking, and that you are able to find some light in this difficult journey. I am so impressed by how strong you are and how you have not let this battle stop you from being an amazing mother, wife, and daughter!

    Also, I love the new pictures of Ryan, he is unbearably cute! I love the one of him smiling while he is eating his gross (looking) green baby food, haha:). I can't believe he rolled over!:)

    Good luck on Friday, and know that I think of and pray for you and your family EVERY day. I KNOW you will beat this!!!

    PS, you are a great writer!:)

    <3 Erin


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