Friday, July 13, 2012

Water Play for Toddlers

It’s too hot to spend the day scorching at the park, but your toddler is going stir crazy sitting around indoors. So, it’s time to get creative with water play. Here’s a list of simple and inexpensive ways that you and your little one can stay cool under the sun and have fun too.

1. Fill a baby pool with water and watch your toddler splash around

2. Run a sprinkler or water hose in the backyard

3. Set up a water exploration table filled with interesting household items

Instead of buying a water table, just make your own out of a plastic storage tub. Include sponges, measuring cups and spoons, ladles, whisks, tongs, bath toys, cups, funnels, buckets, colanders, etc. 

4. Have a toy car/bike wash

5. Jump in puddles and make footprints

6. Run and play in fountains

7. Visit a splash park/water park

Here, we are at a splash park that is geared towards young children.  This one costs $5 to get in, but there are many other nearby fountains (free of charge) that we also like to visit.

8.  Blow bubbles and try to pop them

9.  Water plants in a garden

10. Rescue iceberg toys

           Put small, plastic toys inside an ice cube container, fill it with water, and put it in the freezer.
Later, bring it out into the hot sun and your toddler will be excited to “rescue” the toys as the ice melts.

11. Have a group of toddlers do a wet sponge pass (over their heads and under legs)

12. Play wet sponge tag

13. Have a squirting contest with bathtub toys 
(or use empty and cleaned out ketchup/mustard bottles)

When I was squirting him with the fish, Ryan was screaming with excitement and saying “Mommy, I get you!”

14. Play a guessing game (sink or float) with everyday objects

15. Set up a Slip n Slide

16. Make rainbow water using different containers and food coloring, and then mix some of the colors together to create new colors

17. Paint a fence, wall, or sidewalk with water

Ryan took this job very seriously. Lucky kept sniffing around his bucket, and he said,
“Go away, Wucky!” (Poor Lucky.)

18. Create a homemade water wall, as seen on  

19.  Practice throwing water balloons into a mini basketball hoop or playing catch with them (be careful to throw away the popped balloons immediately)

20. Write the ABC’s with sidewalk chalk, then call out a letter or letter sound and have your toddler spray it with water

~ Ryan absolutely loves water and being outside.  We are having so much fun this summer! ~

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