Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zoo Animal Themed Birthday Party

Since a lot of people have asked, I would like to share some of the crafts that I made and some of the vendors that I used for Ryan’s zoo animal themed first birthday party.

Animal Cookies (made by Melissa at TSCookies)

Banana Puff Cones for the babies (I made these)

Funfetti Cupcakes (I made these)
Toppers (designed by simplysweetpartyshop)

Cheese and Crackers Lion (I made this)

Party Snacks in Jars
"Gummy Monkeys" - Curious George Fruit Snacks 
"Bear Cubs"- Teddy Grahams
"Monkey Vines"- Twizzlers

Birthday Banner (I made this)

Birthday Hat (I made this)

Birthday Shirt (made by BKchicboutique)

                          Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Party Favors:  Animal Crackers (picked up at the grocery store, I made the tags) and Zoo Animal Beach Balls (Oriental Trading)

Centerpiece: Flowers (a gift from my mom) and 
Mini Stuffed Animals (Oriental Trading)

Cards, Labels, and Barrel of Monkeys (I made these)

Tissue Paper Luminarias (my mom and I made these)

Drinks: Green Fruit Punch, Iced Tea, and Water

Posters on Easel: "Happy 1st Birthday"

"Newborn to 11 Months Pictures" (both posters made by me)

Lion Face Decoration (I made this)

I think that covers most of the party details.  We also gave out animal stickers and had The Jungle Book playing in the movie room.  The babies played with jumbo zoo animal figurines on a mat spread out on the floor.  We had the food catered, but I could have just as easily put it together myself if I hadn’t ran out of time.  (It was sandwiches, fruit, and hummus/pita bread).

I hope that you have enjoyed my ideas.  Please feel free to use them in planning your own zoo animal birthday parties.  We had a lot of fun with this theme!


  1. Ryan's party looks like it was the most incredible first birthday party I have ever seen! I am in awe. You have no idea how sorry I am that we couldn't attend. I love all the creativity that you obviously put into planning this- also love that newborn to 11 mos. poster. Milo and I hope to see you and Ryan soon :)

  2. Dana, Ryan's birthday party looks AMAZINGGG!! Your decorations look absolutely amazing, especially the ones that you made yourself. They look like they were professionally made! You should think about being a party planner =) Love youu and miss you lots!

  3. @Sasha- Aww thanks! You are too kind! We definitely need to get together for another playdate soon!

    @Joanna- Thank you, I had so much fun with the details! I would actually love to have a career in party/wedding planning... and photography... and teaching kids to read... haha, I have too many interests!
    P.S. Miss you LOTS!

  4. Dana,

    I am in the beginning stages of planning my son Connor's first birthday party with the Zoo animal theme. When I found your site it gave me so many ideas!! What you did looked and turned out AMAZING!!! Hope you don't mind but I am going to be incorporating your ideas into our party as well.

    Can you give me any tips on how you did the animal cutouts with his name on them (for the Funfetti Cupcakes & his Birthday banner)?

    I can't wait to get started on putting all this together!

    THANKS so much for sharing!!!! Take care and good luck to you!


  5. @ Stacie- I'm so glad that you found my site and decided to use some of these ideas! I would love to see pictures from Connor's first birthday party. I'm sure that it will be super cute!

    I used a bunch of shape templates/punches from Michael's to get the perfect edges and circles. Some of them I just drew myself and then carefully cut them out. The lion on banner was actually one of those pre-cut foam packs (also from Michael's) that you just put together and glue yourself.

    Good luck with the rest of your party planning!!

  6. Dana,

    Thank you for the additional info. I will surely send you pictures of his birthday. We have decided to have it in the middle of February. Crossing my fingers it turns out as well as yours :)

    One last question....on the cupcake toppers - did you make those or have them made? I am trying to find the cute pattern the for animals that you used but not having any luck?! :(

    Thanks again!!


  7. @Stacie- I can't wait to see the pics! I made the cupcakes themselves, but the toppers were actually designed by

  8. Dana,

    Thank you so much! I got in touch with Amber already! :) ... and placed my order....hee/hee

    Will email you the pictures after the party.


  9. What a beautiful party! The cookies are gorgeous and I love the fun printables. Thanks for sharing!


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