Thursday, July 3, 2014

Henry is 6 Months Old!

To our sweet baby boy Henry,

I will never forget the day that I first held you in my arms and caught a glimpse of your bright red-orange hair. From the very start, I knew that you were going to be somebody special. In just a few short months, you have filled our house with an unbelievable amount of love and happiness. I can't wait to see what all you have in store for us in the upcoming years. You are already so amazing! We admire your laid-back, easy-going personality (completely the opposite from the rest of us) and how nothing at all seems to phase you. You just have this huge smile and adorable giggle that escapes from your sweet little mouth whenever somebody looks at you. You are a strong, both mentally and physically. You have taught us many lessons in what it means to have faith. Just the fact that you exist is a miracle in itself. Thank you for letting me love you completely and unconditionally. Happy Half Birthday!


We LoVe YoU, HeNrY MaTtHeW!!!

Henry, 3 to 6 Months:

Henry got his first two teeth at 7 and a half months old!

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