Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pregnancy: Week 39

This is just one corner of the completed nursery. I will post more pictures of the entire room later on.
We spent a lot of time working on it throughout the past week and I am so relieved that it is finally done!

Week 39:
Baby’s development:
-baby continues to gain more body fat

Pregnancy symptoms: 
-difficult to get myself up from a sitting or laying down position
-belly feels super heavy unless I support the bottom of it

-no real cravings at this point, but desserts taste much better than they do when I am not pregnant


still having constant movements, but they are slower/longer

Gender: boy

Total weight gain/loss: +38

Belly button in or out? out

Best moment of the week: finishing the nursery

Looking forward to: holding, kissing, and cuddling baby Henry… of course!!!

I have been giving myself lovenox/heparin shots twice a day to lower the risk of blood clots. The blood thinners need to be stopped a certain number of hours before labor, so I will be having a scheduled induction tomorrow evening through Friday afternoon/evening. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we welcome baby Henry!

Last Days as an Only Child

Belly Pics (Week 9 to 39)

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