Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing dads who make sacrifices for their children, loving them unconditionally each and every day!

This year, Ryan did finger painting and made handprint trees to give to his daddy and both grandpas.

A Poem for Daddy

My footprint is small but getting bigger everyday
I am learning by watching you work, love, and play
Remember when your days are long and you can't walk another mile
That this little footprint makes it all worthwhile

My hands are getting bigger too
I use them to play and love to chew
One day my hands will do much more
I hope you will teach me what they are better for
~author unknown

Summer 2011
Spring 2012
Spring 2013 
I love how Ryan is so much like his daddy! He looks exactly like Barry's mini-me (with the exception of having mommy's blue eyes and fine hair) and he also inherited daddy's love of cars, boats, planes (basically any transportation), sports, and sleep. You know that he doesn't get that stuff from mommy!

They are seriously the most awesome guys that I know. I always think about how grateful I am to have these two. Barry is such an involved parent. He spends at least a couple hours a day with Ryan, even on days that he goes to work. I think that it is so healthy for Ryan to feel that both of his parents play an active role in his daily life. I love that the 3 of us spend lots of time together because it makes us a more close-knit family. We are very blessed.

When we were picking out Father's Day cards, Ryan originally picked out one with a dinosaur, but then decided to go with a Mr. Potato Head card, because he didn't want daddy to "be very scared of the dinosaur's teeth".  LOL

I hope that everyone enjoys celebrating their dads today... it takes a truly special man to be there through thick and thin for his family.


  1. Hi Dana, My name is Hannah and I work for Parents magazine. We are interested in using one of your pins from Pinterest in an upcoming story. Is there any way we could chat offline? I didn't see your contact info anywhere. Thanks!

  2. @Hannah- I'd love to chat! Please contact me at Dana520 (at) Thanks!


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