Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

We dressed up as Dorothy, the Lion, Tin Man, and Toto from The Wizard of Oz.

I love that we didn't spend much on costumes this year. We already had Ryan's lion costume that I found last year at an after-Halloween sale for 50% off. The weirdly short Dorothy dress was $15 on ebay. I already had the red shoes, wig, ribbons, and leggings. For Barry's costume, we just used plain old tin foil and duct tape for the shirt and hat. Since we waited until the last minute to even think about his costume, I didn't have time to make tin foil pants. We figured that it was more important that we made it out for trick-or-treating while it was still "little kids" time.

We got to celebrate Halloween in both Maryland and Florida this year. I took Ryan to a Halloween party with some mommy/toddler friends here, and he got to attend his Fall party at MDO. While in Florida, we stumbled upon a pirate-themed festival, a kiddie haunted house, and a pumpkin patch with palm trees. We also went trick-or-treating in Barry's parents' neighborhood. Ryan made it to less than ten houses before he tuckered out, but that was more than enough trick-or-treating for me.

Ryan had never actually tasted candy before that night, so we let him pick out whatever he wanted to try. He spit out his first bite of a Baby Ruth and managed to eat half of a Kit-Kat before becoming disinterested. Seriously, what kid doesn't like candy?!  We are not too concerned though, since he didn't like ice cream or cake the first time either, but now he loves them. And, of course, having a child that doesn't enjoy sweets wouldn't exactly be the worst thing in the world.

And so, that is how the best part of Ryan's Halloween night revolved around the excitement of lining up pieces of candy and pretending that they were cars. Funnnn.

Here are our Halloween costumes from past years, including Ryan dressed up as a spider, monster, and a cow. My mom was with us last year for Ryan's very first trick-or-treating experience and that is certainly a memory that I will treasure forever. We went in my parents' neighborhood, where I spent all of my own childhood years trick-or-treating. I am now tempted to dig up some old pictures of myself as a baby/toddler in Halloween costumes.

Did I mention that I just love dressing up?

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