Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Themed Playdate

I hosted playgroup the day before Thanksgiving, so of course, I decided to do a Thanksgiving theme.  It turned out to be so much fun!  Ryan was very hyper by the end though, probably because of the sugar combined with the holiday excitement.

*See this post for my Thanksgiving Playdate ideas for 2013.

The Snacks Table

Turkey Sugar Cookies 

Turkey Fruit Dish 

Caramel Grapes 

I also served: salad, hummus/carrots, apples, turkey sandwiches, and Pirates Booty 

Candy-filled Cornocopias

Crustless Raspberry Pie

Quinoa with Butternut Squash, Cranberries, and Pecans 
(I used this recipe, but I had to use black quinoa because I couldn't find red)

Crafts for the Toddlers 
Decorating foam photo frames with stickers and coloring scarecrow masks

Our Wednesday Playgroup 
Those of us who were still in town 

Thanksgiving Day at my Aunt & Uncle's House 
Ryan with his cousins T (2) and S (1 month)


  1. You are incredible! Everything looks so delicious and beautiful. I wish I could have come :)


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