Saturday, June 2, 2012

Clark's Elioak Farm

Earlier this week, I took Ryan to Clark's Elioak Farm along with his five-year-old cousin, E, and my Aunt S. For anyone who lives in the area, this is an exciting place to take toddlers and young children. The whole farm is based on a nursery rhyme/fairy tale theme that includes life-size replicas for the kids to climb around and explore.

Pictured above: The house of bricks from the 3 little pigs; The old lady who lived in a shoe; Mother Goose; Humpty Dumpty's wall; The dish that ran away with the spoon, and Cinderella's pumpkin coach.

They have a petting zoo, complete with several baby goats that Ryan absolutely adored. Visitors are allowed to feed the chickens and to actually go inside some of the animals' cages. Ryan was fascinated by all of the animals, and it was really cute when he pet them gently and said "nice". He really seems to love all creatures.

We encouraged the boys to ride the ponies (only $2) and Ryan had the most serious expression on his face the whole time. I think that he was concentrating very hard on his balance and just trying to take everything in. At least I could get E to smile for the camera when I told him that I was going to show the picture to his mommy!

The play area was so entertaining for the boys that they played here for at least an hour while Aunt S fell asleep on the bench. It was an extremely hot day, so it felt relaxing to be under the shade for a while. Ryan was determined to ride these tricycles even though his little legs couldn't quite reach the pedals. He was more successful with "driving" the cars.

Ryan and E also had fun digging in the dirt, filling the holes with rocks, and building birds nests out of sticks and hay.

By the end of the day, the boys were exhausted, but I think that they would have stayed longer if we had let them. Sometimes little guys don't even realize their own tiredness and dehydration when they are in the middle of having fun.

We definitely plan to return to the farm, but hopefully we will choose a much cooler day next time.  I also think that this would be a great place for birthday parties!


  1. These pictures of both boys are adorable - looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Oh my gosh! I just love it! I'm so glad Ethan had so much fun with his cousin! I would love to see that place myself, as it looks so cool! I understand why both boys wouldn't want to leave--lots of fun things to do! If you want, maybe we can all meet one Saturday and go together.

  3. @Karen- It was really fun! Whenever we see a horse or pony, I think of you!

    @Cindy- I would love to get together one Saturday! Just let me know when!

  4. Oh my gosh, it does exist! I remember going here as a child once, but my mom has no recollection of taking me. I was convinced that I dreamed about "nursery rhyme land." I didn't! I can't wait to take Max here when he is older!

  5. @Heather- That is so funny! I think I read that the nursery rhyme replicas use to be a part of another place that closed, and so they brought them over to the farm. We definitely need to do a playdate the next time you are in town!


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