Thursday, May 17, 2012

West Palm Beach and Delray Beach

As part of my (early) birthday celebration, Barry's parents took me shopping and to dinner in West Palm Beach.  I picked out a beige shirt from a little boutique, and then we ate delicious gourmet pizzas, salads, etc, at a restaurant called Taboo.  Ryan sat in a booster seat without a strap for the first time and he did surprisingly well.  There were so many yummy things on the menu that I can't wait to go back and try something different next time.

As we walked around, Ryan discovered these statues of children that kept him entertained for a while.  He made up a game where he pointed to a statue, said either "girl" or "boy", and named which sport or activity that they were doing.  It was such a surprise to find these little gems hidden between the shops and gardens, but I am so glad that we did!

Ryan was especially interested in looking at this little girl's book.  If only she could read it to him!

The next day was our actual "beach day" and so we enjoyed a short hour chasing Ryan around and watching him play in the sand before it started to rain.  Unfortunately, the sand was very hot and it affected my neuropathy in my feet, so I was ready to go home.

The highlights of the day for Ryan included seeing a big blue truck (in action, up close, and personal) and exploring the beach and ocean with daddy.  Watching these two interact with each other just melts my heart.  Ryan is so similar to Barry and I love it!

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