Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Boy and His Dog

Anyone who was fortunate enough to grow up with a pet themselves, or who has watched a child interact with their pet, knows exactly what I mean when I say that a very special bond exists between a boy and his dog.  (Or, of course, it may be a girl, or another type of pet too).

Ryan and Lucky met for the first time when Ryan was only a few days old. They were somewhat curious about each other back then, but their relationship certainly developed into a much deeper level over time. Now, Lucky likes to think that he can protect Ryan. Ryan likes to think that he can include Lucky in snack time by offering him crackers and pieces of fruit. They play ball together, cuddle together, and share the same indented spot on the back of our couch where they gaze out the window together. 

The other day at the park, Ryan walked Lucky all by himself. I watched carefully. I didn’t know which one of them would take off running suddenly in the opposite direction. Surprisingly, Ryan did a great job hanging on to the leash and he was super proud of himself. He only accidentally let go once, when Lucky gave an extra strong tug.

Ryan even shared a stick with Lucky and let him play with it. (This is how I know that they are best friends: Ryan is very possessive with his stick collections). 

The three of us had so much fun and I am sure that we will be taking many more walks to this park together throughout the summer.  This park is a little farther than the one right next to us, but I like it better because they allow dogs and there is much more to do there.

You may have noticed that sweet Lily is missing from the story. Although I am sad to say that we recently had to give her away (having two dogs in such a small living space was stressing everybody out, including the dogs themselves), I know that Lily is much happier living with our friend, C. 

Lucky is absolutely thrilled to be the center of attention again, and he seems to have a better overall disposition now that he doesn’t have to share his space with another dog. From our personal experience, mixing the breeds (Yorkie and Maltese) turned out not to be a good idea because they seemed to upset each other more often than not. We love having Lucky, and we could not imagine our life without him. He is such a huge part of our family and our past.  I think that everybody is happier this way, so I am thankful that it all worked out for the best.


  1. So sweet! I had the same experience. I had 2 dogs - and it was just too much. (both yorkie mix) I tried for a year and 1/2 and finally just realized it was never going to work. Now they are both happy - they are each "top dog" again. Great pics~ Ryan is growing up!

  2. Great pics of Ryan and Lucky! They are too precious!

    I can only imagine how hard it was to give Lily to another home. I had the same issue when we had our two cats, brown tabby Persian Rajah and seal-point Himalyan Chloe. Of course we still have Chloe, but I had to find another home for Rajah before Noah was born and it was hard for me. Rajah was used to being the center of attention and when we started expanding our human family, Rajah didn't like it and he let us know. I know he's at a happy place with no kids and Chloe is happier to be the only cat, and I couldn't have asked for a better cat with the boys.

    Miss you all!

  3. These pictures are adorable! And luckily Lily isn't too far away and is in a great home.

  4. Thanks everyone, for making me feel much better about our decision to give Lily to our friend. We will always miss her, as I'm sure you miss your pets, but I know that it is best for her and Lucky.


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