Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mommy's Lucky Charm

Sometimes super silly...

this little boy is always my pride and joy!  
[And, of course, my lucky charm] 

At 18 months old, Ryan is...

So smart
He knows animals and their sounds, the body parts, the names and sounds that vehicles make (choo-choo, beep-beep, etc), and how to communicate his basic wants and needs.  In this picture, he was showing us that he can to count to two!

Even though his feet wouldn't reach the pedals, Ryan attempted to ride this "big boy bike" for at least ten minutes.  (I'm so glad that the older kids at the park are good about sharing!)

and Adventurous!

Ryan climbs to the highest point that he can find whenever we go to a park.  I think that he just wants to scare me.  He is good about trying new things, but only when he decides that he is ready. Ryan has definitely become more outgoing this month, and his vocabulary has more than quadrupled since last month.  I have been telling everyone that his is absolutely, 100%, my favorite age (so far)!

You may have noticed a lack of blog postings lately, and it is because grad school work has been stealing away all of my free time.  This next month is going to be pretty intense with my assignments. Luckily, I will take small break to go out and celebrate one of my best friend's birthday tonight, so that will be fun.  Happy Birthday, E!  And for everyone else...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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