Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

We had fun making homemade Valentine’s Day cards this year.  Ryan worked really hard trying to stamp the hearts like mommy showed him.  I expected him to just spread the paint everywhere and make a mess, but he actually cared about trying to get those hearts onto the paper!

All we needed was: red fingerpaint, paper, a heart shaped cookie cutter, a heart shaped jello mold, and TP rolls with the ends folded to be shaped like hearts.

I demonstrated with the cookie cutter, however, the TP roll was definitely the easiest for Ryan to manage.  I love his concentration!

Since we made about twenty-something cards, I had new trays lined up and ready to go for whenever Ryan was finished with a set of cards.  I taped the paper onto the trays, to prevent the cards from getting thrown onto the floor (accidentally, of course!)

The paper dried quickly, pretty much during the time that it took me to give Ryan a bath.  Then, I just folded the pieces of paper in half to make cards…

added a note and a picture…

and sent them off in the mail.  Here is a better quality picture of our little all-star:

And, of course, the week wouldn’t be complete without baking some Valentine’s treats:

I think that I am completely done with sugar for a while, because these were a little too sweet for my taste.  At least other people seemed to enjoy them.

Ryan and I will be attending a tiny tots Valentine's Day party tomorrow while Barry is at work.  Then I have class (which is quite a long drive in rush hour) so we decided to save our "valentine" dinner for another night that is not so busy.  Barry did already bring me home roses though... I love him so much!

A few day after my mom passed, I found an envelope in her drawer.  I opened it and found that it was a Valentine’s Day card for me.  For this year.  It made me smile and cry at the same time.  How thoughtful was she!  She always got me a card and small gift on Valentine’s Day every year when I was little, and I think that is a tradition that I want to start with Ryan.  (Well, maybe just the card part.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  xoxo!


  1. That made me tear up reading about your mom leaving you a card for Valentines day - how precious!

  2. That is so sweet of her! I'm sure you will treasure that card for years to come.

  3. @Pamela- aww, I know, it made me cry too when I found it!

    @Karen- Yes, that card is definitely going in a safe place!

  4. Aww - your mom was always so thoughtful like that.

    I absolutely loved the Valentine's card we received in the mail! Definitely a keepsake!

  5. @Cindy- I'm glad that you liked the card! I'm sad that we missed you and the boys visiting this past weekend. Looking forward to next time!

  6. Aw, Dana, that is so sweet that you found a card from your mom. A great reminder of how much she loves you and how you were always in her thoughts, just as she is still always in yours! And now you get to pass on that love that your mom gave you to Ryan. So wonderful!


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