Saturday, February 18, 2012

17 Months Already

As of last Tuesday, we have a 17 month old boy!  As much as I loved the whole newborn and baby stage, this age is by far my favorite.  Being a mommy is better than I ever imagined.  It is so wonderful to be able to interact with this amazing little guy who just grows smarter each day, and can show us love in return.  (As opposed to young babies, who don’t really give much feedback yet).  Ryan makes sure that every moment is filled with excitement and fun!

Favorite things: trucks, dogs, balloons, and Elmo

Weight: 19lbs 8 oz

Says: go, door, ball, bubble, mommy, daddy, Ra Ra, clock, light, bath, book, wa-wa, uh-oh, dog, that, hi, bye, back, hat, baby, truck, socks, car, up, diaper, thank you, hot, yummy, bowl, duck, boy, girl, Elmo, shoes, balloon, shirt, no, bee, apple, why

What Ryan has been up to:

-dances when he hears music (even if its just someone humming)

-likes to take everything in and out of containers

-lifts up his shirt to show his belly button when he is in a silly mood

-brings me his bib when he is hungry

-points to his diaper and brings me a clean one when he needs changed

-brushes his own hair

-wipes his own nose with a tissue

-plays peekaboo through the window when I put his stroller in the trunk of the car

-giggles at words that sound funny

-is fascinated with dogs and all other animals

-jumps really high (I think that he learned that from Lucky)

-blows on his dinner and says "hot! hot!"

-is very good at imitating mommy and daddy

-puts his sippy cup in his stroller and waits near the door when he hears the word “go”

-runs away and giggles when it is time to put on his jam jams because he doesn’t want to go to bed

- says “back” when somebody goes into another room because he is remembering not to get upset because they will be right back

-says “uh oh” when something falls or doesn’t work like he thinks it should

-collects things off the floor that he thinks should go in the trash and says “yuck”

-says “no” when he starts to do something that he knows that he shouldn’t, and then catches himself

-enjoys seeing his toddler friends at our Wednesday and Friday playgroups...

-likes to throw balls through the mini basketball hoop...

-was very brave last week and got his second haircut ever...

Here are the before and after shots of Ryan’s "big boy haircut"...  I think that he is so handsome!

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