Friday, November 18, 2011

Bad Haircuts

I took the dogs to Petsmart get groomed yesterday, and this is literally how they were returned:

Not only does Lucky look like a funny lion, but poor Lily has a big cut on the back of her leg where they nicked her.  We obviously won't be going back there for future haircuts.

Unfortunately, we have not found many places in the DC area that do a decent job with Yorkies and Malteses.  (Although we did find a place in Florida that is super fancy and all the dogs come out looking exactly like show dogs!)  I just wish that we could find a groomer nearby who knows what they are doing.

Ryan will probably be the next one who needs a haircut, since we are beginning to see the start of a mullet growing on his little head.

I love how this boy expresses so much happiness when he is outside and completely free to explore. He truly makes me look at life and nature in a whole new way. Watching him discover everything for the first time reminds me to also stop and enjoy the beauty in simple things.



  1. Aww, that is so sad about the dog's haircuts! I love how Lucky looks happy in his photo and Lily looks upset - boys never did care about haircuts as much as girls, huh? They both still look adorable though!

  2. Haha, you're right, Lily was not very happy about her haircut or to have her picture taken afterwards! I think that Lucky just wanted that bow out immediately.


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