Thursday, October 13, 2011

Post Exchange Surgery

Yesterday’s surgery went extremely well and it also seems like recovery is going to be a breeze.  I feel a little achy and tired, but nothing really hurts.  I haven't even needed to take any pain medicine.  My boobs actually feel better than before, because they are now soft, squishy, and comfortable.  The worst part is having to wear this stiff, ugly support bra for the next week in order to reduce swelling:

Me at less than 24 hours post-operation
I am thankful that the surgeon was also able to sew up an open wound that was left over from my port infection.  This is what it looks like now, and after it heals, it should be nothing more than a faint little scar line:

This surgery was much easier than I expected, especially compared to what I have been through on this long journey of treatments.  I began this year with a lumpectomy surgery, which led to my shocking diagnosis.  I then went on through four months of chemotherapy, complete with a port infection, sepsis in my blood, clots in my arms, pulmonary embolisms, and terrible, unmentionable side effects.  I have been through dozens of bags of IV antibiotics, daily shots, pills, a picc line, and tons of medical testing.  Over the summer, I had a double mastectomy surgery with tissue expanders placed inside of me for the next three and a half months.  Now that I have completed my implant exchange surgery, the last thing for me will be a minor procedure in the office where the surgeon will make some final touch-ups to my scars and nipples. 

By the end of December, I should hopefully be finished with breast cancer forever and be able to close this chapter in my life.  Although it sounds like I have been through a lot, this has all made me stronger, more compassionate, and more aware of the beauty in life.  I love and value my family and friends more than ever.  I am so thankful to God for bringing me through this.  What a crazy and unforgettable year!


  1. You look AMAZING! I can't believe you are even out of the bed at this point. You are just so strong!! <3 <3 <3

  2. You have been through so much yet continue to stay strong and be a positive influence on all of your readers. Congrats on almost completing this challenging chapter in your life! You are looking great!

  3. Kudos to you for everything! Glad you're looking, and more importantly, feeling better these days. <3

  4. @Sue- But you are even stronger! I love you!

    @Marlowe- Thanks so much! I hope that anyone in my situation would be able to keep a positive attitude and focus on the good, because it makes ALL the difference in the world.

    @Jenn- Thank you! I am definitely feeling great about everything!


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