Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday's Seven Things I Love


After seeing this idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago, I decided to make one and put it on the table on our outdoor balcony.  I also found yellow chair cushions to match and it turned out really cute for the summer months.  (Especially since the rest of our balcony is plain, color-wise).

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

I am loving blue nail polish this month.  Right now my toenails are blue with tiny white polka dots.


Source: via Dana on Pinterest
I just have to make this one day.  (Isn't that what we say about everything that we find on Pinterest?) Our maps would be of Florida (our wedding and Barry's home state), DC (where we met), and Maryland (where we live now and my home state).


I would like to create a colorful canvas using this technique.  My only question is where to make it, because I feel like it would be extremely messy.  Maybe somewhere outside, but then where would I plug in the hairdryer?


Ryan "made" this for Barry for Father's Day this year.  He actually sat still and let me trace his little hands.. barely.


I absolutely love the gray couch, the old time telephone, and the pillows for pops of color.  I'm not too sure about the chandelier though.  Our living room is similar in that we have dark furniture with bright colors to accent the room.


Source: via Dana on Pinterest
I had to add my Nikon D3000 camera to this list because I just got a new lens (as a late birthday present from my hubby) that I am really excited about.  It is the Nikon 24mm F/1.4G wide angle lens. I can't wait to start taking pictures of my favorite 11-month-old with this!!

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  1. I like the lemons flower arrangements, it just looks so fresh. As for the crayon art work I can imagine it turning out to be a big mess. <3


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