Friday, August 19, 2011

Fifteen Friday Confessions

15. I’m addicted to my iphone and wonder how I ever lived 26 years without it.

14. Sometimes I'd rather eat spoonfuls of Nutella instead of having a real meal.

13. I think that TV is a waste of time but can easily waste hours on Pinterest or reading a book.

12. Before I was pregnant, I thought that I wanted a girl. Now my dream is to have more little boys.

11. I listen to county music and slow songs while I exercise and run.

10. I avoid carrying cash because I always seem to lose it or spend it.

9. I am running late 99% of the time.

8. I can't fall asleep without a blanket on top of me, even when it is really hot.

7. Pink wasn't always my favorite color. I used to hate it.

6. Sometimes I wish that I could escape everything and just lay on a field in the middle of nowhere.

5. I often think about what heaven will be like.

4. I tend to expect the worst in situations so that when something good happens I am pleasantly surprised.

3. I have very vivid dreams that repeat themselves.

2. I care more about handbags than I do about cars.

1. I love to keep Ryan in his pajamas because I think that he looks more like a baby that way:


  1. Your 15 confessions could be MY list except for 1 & 13. Fun to read~

  2. LOL These confessions really do describe you... Nothing more irresistible than Ryan in his PJ's!

  3. @pamela- so cool that we have so much in common!

    @Sue- haha, you know exactly what I mean! Love you!


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