Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 Bouncing Baby Boys

I recently joined a mommies group so that Ryan can learn how to be a little more social around babies his age. They are at the age now where they are beginning to notice each other and take interest in watching and communicating via baby talk. This is the perfect group for us because all of the babies are between eight and eleven months old. They also all happen to be boys (although there are supposedly girls in the group, we just haven’t met them yet).  One little boy actually has the exact same birthdate as Ryan and was born at the same hospital.

I am so glad that we found this group, because the mommies are friendly and the babies are just adorable. I enjoy watching them interact with each other and have so much fun. It’s cute to see their different personalities emerge.

We had one playdate last week and another one yesterday. Ryan was super shy at first, and then he warmed up to everyone and was nothing but smiles. He crawled, cruised, and made his presence known though loud and happy squeals. We even treated the babies to “rides” on the rolling chairs and raced with them up and down the hallway. I think that everyone had a blast! I truly have never seen Ryan smile so much around “strangers”. He usually saves his smiles for close family members only. I think that this group might be helping his social skills already!


  1. What a great idea, that will be so good for him! And you look stunning in that picture of you holding Ryan! AND YOU ARE HOLDING RYAN!!! That is incredible!!! <3

  2. Aww thank you! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! =)


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