Saturday, July 30, 2011

Barry's Birthday

Barry is 32 years old today.  (I know, he doesn't look it... I guess he's got good genes!)  I tease him because he was born in the seventies.  It's hard to believe that we met over five years ago.  He was the same age then that I am now.  We've come such a long way since our days of going out every night of the week in DC.  Barry has become an amazing husband and father!  Since today is all about him, what better way to celebrate than to look back at some adorable pictures from his childhood?

He was definitely a cutie!  As you can see, Barry had blonde hair when he was little and it seemed to get darker each year.  I was actually born with black hair, then it turned brown, then light blonde, then got darker again when I was a teenager (and then I started highlighting it).  Ryan's hair seems to be getting lighter and I wonder what color it will end up being.  Sometimes it even seems to have a reddish tint.

We usually go on vacation for Barry's birthday, but this year we decided to skip the stress of packing, flying, etc. and just stay home and relax.  We took Ryan over to my parent's house so that they could baby-sit while we went out for dinner.  I love how excited Ryan and my parents get when they spend time together.  I think that there is a special bond between babies and their grandparents.

After dinner, we did a little shopping.  I actually had a chance to try things on (since I usually can't with Ryan) so I picked out a few things from Forever 21...

Also, Barry got a new ipad.  He will be able to use it for real estate stuff at work, and also for personal use.  I'm excited to see what it can do.  I have an iphone... is the ipad essentially the same thing?  I know that you can also watch movies on it and do video chat.  I'm wondering if there's anything else different about it?

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  1. Ryan looks so much like Barry, except for the curly hair! Hope you had a great birthday, Barry!


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