Friday, June 3, 2011

K's Bridal Shower

Last weekend was super busy, as we celebrated at K’s bridal shower and rehearsal picnic on Saturday, and then her wedding on Sunday.  E and I headed the planning for the shower.  I couldn’t have done it without her... she helped organize everything, sent out informative emails to the rest of the bridesmaids, and pulled it all together to make it a successful event!

Our other best friend, J, was able to come down for the entire weekend, even though she has a demanding med school schedule and has to spend most of her weekends on call.  I was so excited to spend so much quality girl time with my three best friends!  Love them! <3

I was in charge of the decorations and favors for the bridal shower.  I got dark blue and light blue balloons (some of which escaped from me as I left the party store…  ooops!)  I also made a welcome sign for guests to sign as they arrive, which K would have as a keepsake, and I made tissue paper luminarias.

I put together a “Something Blue” station to go along with the theme of the shower.  I decorated jars full of blue raspberry tootsie rolls, wedding ring candies, blue flower soaps, blue tea light candles, and blue coconut Hershey kisses.  Guests were supposed to take a bag and help themselves to the favors.  

For games, E made one where we had to guess the meaning of British slang words (K’s fiancé is British) and I made a "famous couples" game.  M, another bridesmaid, put together a scrapbook of the bridal shower for K.  She passed out cute scrapbook cut-outs and we all wrote advice/notes to go in it.

The best part about the shower was the delicious food!  K’s brother’s gf is a chef (not professional, but she should be!) and she compiled some amazing dishes and desserts that we all were super impressed with!  YUM!!

After the shower, we headed out for a picnic, where we also had the dress rehearsal for the wedding.  K gave us our bridesmaid gifts: Vera Bradley bags in our favorite colors, and a nice set of makeup brushes.  She had also paid for us all to get our nails done that morning!  Thanks, K! 

Ryan was pretty fussy the whole time at the picnic, but at least he discovered some grass and crawled around in it.  That kept him entertained for a little while.  We came home exhausted- but a good exhausted- knowing that tomorrow was the big day!


  1. You girls put on the best bridal shower for me! Thank you SO much for all doing so much work and for traveling so far to be there, even on one hour of sleep (J!). I love the pictures!

  2. Aw, I couldn't have done it without YOU! I had so much fun last weekend. *Muah*


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