Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy and Me Class

I have had the best week because I got to spend tons of quality time with my baby boy!  Today we tried a free introductory “mommy and me” class at The Little Gym...

Ryan is learning to walk while holding onto an object (or our hands) and “cruising”.  I was so proud that he was actually social with the other babies in this class.  He crawled right over to the babies, sat in front of them, stared at them, and played with toys next to them.  When a big, 11-month-old baby took away Ryan’s toy, he didn’t even protest; he just crawled over and got another ball.  He also didn’t shy away, like some of the other ones did.  (That is usually what he does around older kids).

A new thing with Ryan is that he likes to pretend to be shy/bashful around me.  When I look at him, he gives me a smile and then buries his head, like he thinks I can’t see him (because he can’t see me!).  Then he looks up, giggles, and does it again.  That sweet little guy!

Since Ryan liked the pool at the hotel so much, I blew up a mini baby pool for him and put it on our balcony.  It was perfect for a hot day!  Ryan splashed around and stuck out his tongue the same way that he did before.  He absolutely loves water, which is why he also enjoys his baths so much.  (And I love baths too, because nothing smells better than a fresh, clean baby!) 

It’s so interesting how Ryan’s personality is developing.  He reveals more to us each day, like he's choosing to let us into his world just a little bit at a time.  Ryan is very active, but also observant.  If he finds someone/something interesting, he will quietly stare and think.  But if there is nothing for his mind to “do”, then he is busy moving around, getting into something else.  He sure does require a lot of energy to look after!  To me, he is perfection.

Today we got to stop by my parents house for some quality grandma/grandpa time.  They are always delighted anytime that we come to visit, and they gladly give Ryan all of the attention that he wants.  They honestly believe that a grandparent's job is to spoil their grandchild.  It's so cute to watch Ryan interact with them! 

I have felt more energetic the past two days than I have in months!  I have been running around, trying to do as much as possible!  It feels SO GREAT!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that you guys got a blow up pool for the balcony! That's hilarious! What a great idea. Ryan is such a cutie!

  2. I just started reading your blog- I recognize this Little Gym! We go there too! The teachers there are so great. Incidentally, my little brother has the same first/middle name combination as your son!

  3. My little brother is 12 (I was an only child until 20) heh, big age difference! I'm biased, so I'd say go to Little Gym (only because I haven't tried the other). We've been going there since Max was 4mo old and he's 20 months now.


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