Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Day at the Park

Earlier this week, Barry and I took Ryan to a nearby park.  Up until then, his outdoor experiences had been somewhat limited to long walks in his stroller.  But this time, he was out of the stroller and busy interacting with everything around him.

Ryan seemed perfectly content swinging all by himself.

Is that… (gasp!) embarrassment on my baby’s face when I kiss him?

Okay, now we are really having fun… this little boy is fearless!  =)

Cuddle up?  Sure, I’ll take baby cuddles any time, any day!

I think that it was good for all of us to get out for some fresh air.  The park was a better alternative to the malls or other crowded public places.  I’m still being careful this week because my immune system is at its lowest point right now from the chemo.  I have to admit that I was completely exhausted after our busy day.  But it just felt so good to be outside, taking everything in.  It felt about a million times more amazing than I ever remembered it being. 

Yesterday I had lab work done at the oncologist’s office.  Since I don’t have a port or picc line, now they take my blood the old-fashioned way:  with a needle.  BUT, I’m not really needle phobic anymore!  Or at least, not to the same extent that I was before.  I did still use the numbing cream, which helped a lot.  But I had no feelings of severe anxiety, panic attack, weakness, or fainting while the needle was inserted or afterwards.  I noticed a HUGE difference from what it used to feel like.  I am so relieved!  Then… I got some more good news.  My oncologist doesn’t need to see me again for three whole weeks.  That sounds too good to be true… three weeks of being completely free and normal!  =)

Tomorrow I will be taking my mom to her chemo treatment.  I plan on spending most of my time over the next few days with my parents, since they will be needing some help.  My dad is also in the process of recovering from his own surgery.  I hope that I have enough energy to run some errands for them, bring them food, or whatever else they might need.  I love my parents so much, and I feel bad for what they are going through right now.  I want to help them so much more now that I’m not as sick as I was before.

I think that there has been too much attention on me and my treatments lately, and I just want to focus on what I can do for others.  First and foremost, I want to be a wife, mother, and daughter who lovingly serves her family.  I want to show the people I love how much they mean to me.  I want to be the type of friend who will go above and beyond (just like my friends have done for me!)  I want to use my life to help others.  I am so pleased and honored to hear people say that my blog has made a difference for them.  I hope to help/serve others in an even bigger way in the future, and I’m praying that God will reveal, in time, what that way may be.  


  1. I tried to comment on this post the other day but that was when Google Blogger was down, boo.

    Aw, what gorgeous photos of you two! I love the one of you kissing him, his face is so cute! I'm thinking and praying for your mom!

  2. What beautiful pictures of your day at the park! They are stunning! I hope that photographer is available for our wedding...oh wait, he is :) Can't wait! I hope your dad is recovering from his surgery, that your mom's chemo treatment goes well today, and that you keep getting stronger from your own chemo. <3 you!

  3. I hope this isn't weird coming from a stranger, but you are completely gorgeous. And inspiring. I popped over from Erin's blog today and I am amazed at your constant faith in spite of the hurt you have experienced. You are a stunning woman and I'm glad I got the chance to hear some of your story. Thanks for letting her share. :)


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