Monday, April 4, 2011

Things are Looking Up

I had a great weekend, and that has put me in a wonderful mood!  On Saturday, we had some friends over to hang out.  Then the guys went out for a little while, giving us girls a chance to catch up and have some “girl talk”.  (Ryan didn’t mind being left with the girls, he was sleeping most of the time!)  My friends were so sweet to bring me dinner and stay in with me since I’m not supposed to go out with my low immune system.  We talked a lot about K’s upcoming wedding plans, and I got to give her some early bachelorette gifts.  This is because I will be stuck getting chemo next weekend, while the girls are going to a winery and doing other fun things (surprises!) I will miss you all so much and wish that I could be there!  I love you, K! <3

Today I was able to get my picc line fixed! Finally!!!! It is now fully functioning and that makes me so happy!  I feel like there is some hope of getting through the last 2 chemo treatments now! 

My mom came over during the afternoon and we got to hang out and play with Ryan.  I’ve noticed that when given the chance, Ryan has a tendency to choose to play with books over all of his other toys.  I love that he is developing a love for reading at such an young age.  (Even if it is just because he likes to flip the pages back and forth!)  I hope to become a reading specialist one day, so that is something that excites me.  I'm really looking forward to taking more grad school classes next year, after I get through all of this and things go back to "normal".

As of yesterday, I feel like my energy has returned and I’ve been feeling really good!  I hope to get out and enjoy the nice weather this week!  What a difference from how I felt at this time last week!

I recently found this article that discusses some recent advances in triple negative breast cancer research.  I find it interesting, because it seems like they are so close to finding new ways to treat TNBC.  This would make such a huge difference in so many women’s lives.  I pray that other treatment options become available for us within the next year or so!

Some pictures from this weekend...

thanks for such a fun time!


  1. I love you too and we will miss you so much this weekend! You are so thoughtful and I love everything you got me. I'm just so happy to hear that your picc line is fixed and that you are still feeling better. It is great that you are getting a break before the next round of chemo this time, you deserve it! And I LOVE all the pictures. I will definitely have to get them all from you at some point <3

  2. PS that picture of your mom and Ryan is so precious! He looks so into the book and your mom looks fabulous.

  3. I love that picture of Ryan and your mom! He is so cute and I LOVE his little outfit!!

    I <3 you!!


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