Friday, April 15, 2011

Friends and Hubby Love

The bachelorette... isn't she so cute?
I have a close group of girlfriends from high school who have “been through it all” together.  I really consider them more as sisters, because they are not just your typical friends. I can count on these girls to get me through the worst times, celebrate the best times, and every moment in between.  In a self-centered world, girls tend to be catty, jealous, full of gossip, and looking out for themselves above others.  NOT these girls!  I appreciate their honesty, genuinely sincere intentions, and also their ability to know me better than I know myself sometimes!  I feel so lucky to have found this group of girls so early on. We've stayed super close throughout the years of college and now that we are "grown up" (although on the inside, we are still those same juniors in high school going to the beach and looking for foam parties, haha).  One of these girls, K, had her bachelorette party last weekend.  They went to a tulip farm, winery, out to dinner and for drinks at a martini bar.

"Red Devil" that I loathe
Do you know how sad I am to have to miss my best friend’s big weekend?!  While she was enjoying her white chocolate martini (that I picked out!), I was experiencing my own “cocktail” topped off with Adriamycin.  Blehh! (I took this picture to show you that I’m really not kidding about the bright red color and potency of this medicine).  The good news is that K had a great time at her bachelorette, and I will be finished with chemo in time to plan all of the fun details of her bridal shower!  It will be absolutely amazing to plan the perfect party for her!

With the boys at chemo #5
Speaking of amazing, have I ever told you how much I love my husband? (I know I have!)  This guy has had a lot on his plate, particularly these past few weeks.  I admire his strength and devotion to me throughout everything.  He says that his love for me has only grown, and I believe him. (Whoever thought that I could be so lovable bald?)  This trial is strengthening our marriage in a way that gives us so much confidence and trust in each other.  If we can make it through this, we can make it through anything!  I’m sure that it’s not easy having a wife who is sick for four months.  Every day, my hubby faithfully hooks me up to my IV antibiotics (twice), injects heparin into my picc line, does more than his share around the house, holds down a full time job, and still manages to be super sweet!  He bakes me chocolate brownies, brings home flowers regularly, cooks for me most nights, spends time with me when I’m in the hospital, and patiently sits through endless doctors appointments and meetings with surgeons.  I am truly blessed to have this man in my life!  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the rest of our lives together.  It can only go uphill from here!  =) 


  1. And we are all lucky to have YOU in our lives! <3

  2. We missed you last weekend but I am excited for all the rest of the fun stuff we have coming up, yay!:).


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