Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perfect Pets- Lucky's Birthday

We are celebrating Lucky because he is 4 years old today!  We got Lucky in 2007, when he was a little black furball that fit into the palm of my hand.  He was only one pound!  People would ask me, “Is that a dog?” because he looked more like a guinea pig or something.  We took him on walks throughout the busy streets of Georgetown/DC, which is probably why he now loves to meet people.  Lucky is confident, intelligent, stubborn, and picky.  He likes to spend time on top of pillows and comfy blankets.  He begs for human food any chance that he gets.  He can “come”, “sit”, “down”, and “paw”, but is not potty-trained (or at least not very well!)  He is very protective of everyone in the family, and he likes to act like he is a big dog.

Lily is a 2 ½ year old white bundle of fur.  When we first got her, we took her outside in the snow, and now she absolutely loves snow.  She had tummy troubles when she was a puppy, but she has been doing better lately.  Lily is sweet, loving, insecure, and easily jealous.  She is scared of unfamiliar people, and usually barks at them.  She will eat anything off the ground, even if its not food.  She likes to spend time behind the couch or under the bed.  She is well potty trained, but doesn’t do any tricks.  Lily likes to follow Lucky around and imitate him.

Both dogs are completely obsessed with my mom, they compete with each other for her attention!  They are both playful, and no matter how much you play with them, they still want more!  They both love “treats” and to cuddle in your lap and give you kisses (licks).  Today, both Lucky and Lily got to enjoy getting their their hair cut and styled, nails clipped, and a hydro-massage bath!  Here are the results:

The newest addition to our household is Fishy.  He was a gift from Aunt S when I was in the hospital a few weeks ago.  We feed him twice a day since I’ve been home and he just swims around in his little tank.  I’m excited that he is still alive!

Every creature, no matter how big or small, is a miraculous life.  We try to treat our pets like part of the family, because I really feel like they are.  I’ve heard before that animals don’t have souls, but I disagree!  We have a special emotional connection with our pets, and many times Lucky will comfort me when he knows that I am sad or sick.  I believe that pets do have souls, and that the pets that we lose will be in heaven waiting for us. =)  


  1. Hahaha, now that I think about it, I'm surprised that you never named Lucky and Lily, Doggy #1 and Doggy #2, since you said you weren't creative with names for animals!

  2. March 16th was my original due date for Ethan, and he now turns 5 on the 25th. How exciting that it has another special meaning with Lucky's birthday! I have to completely agree about how I disagree that animals don't have souls. Chloe is a big comfort to me and it seems like she knows when I'm sad or sick, as she's right there to comfort me and I end up feeling better. Lucky and Lily's haircuts look great! I'm sure they enjoyed their "spa" day!!

  3. Aww, happy birthday lucky! The clean and freshly groomed dogs look so cute and happy!:)

    I definitely agree that animals DO have souls--I have always had a very strong emotional connection with my pets! I remember my first cat used to always come and lay on my pillow whenever I would cry. That's so cute how they love your mom so much!:)


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