Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Halfway Done with Chemo!

After two long weeks in the hospital, I’m finally home and can check Chemo #3 off my list!  

I’m hoping that things will calm down now after my traumatic hospital experience.  But as a result of it, I now have extra things to worry about and do each day to care for my infection wound, picc line, and blood clots.  I guess they never said that it would be easy.  I just feel lucky to be alive!

My husband, mom, and friends cheered me up SO MUCH by visiting me at the hospital.
I would have never gotten through it without them.  E even made me chocolate covered strawberries! yumm!
My closest girl friends... beautiful ladies inside and out: my mom, K, E, and J.  Thank you for always being by my side!


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  2. <3 you! And yay for being halfway done with chemo. You are so strong, you can definitely get through this and soon this will all be something you overcame.

  3. YAYYYYY!!! Let us know when we can come visit and have a halfway-done-with-Chemo party!!:) (Really I just want another excuse to make/eat chocolate-covered strawberries--haha, just kidding;).

    Love you and miss you!! You are an amazing woman!

  4. Dana, I miss you so much alreadyyy!! i can't wait until you're done with your chemo and everything, so we can go back to having fun going out and everything again!!! Love you lots =)


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